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The DURAG GROUP comprises several companies deeply committed to incorporating sustainable practices and guiding principle: "Harnessing Technology for a Clean and Secure Environment." As a unified force, under the banner of the DURAG GROUP, they persistently strive for improvement and its dedication extends to cultivating the DURAG GROUP's enduring success, ensuring benefits for both their employees and shareholders. Adherence to laws, regulations, and global standards is an inherent aspect of their ethos, serving as a steadfast compass for their endeavors.

The DURAG GROUP tackles global and local environmental challenges innovatively, contributing to a sustainable, eco-conscious future for generations. Exemplary craftsmanship, adept services, and steadfast support define their offerings, rooted in modern manufacturing and quality collaborations with its suppliers. Their corporate identity embodies unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Sustainable practices are integrated into daily operations and product design.


At the forefront of revolutionizing combustion technology and emission measurement, the DURAG Group stands as a leading company with a dedicated mission to ensure safety and efficiency in industrial processes. The DURAG Group has solidified its presence in the international market with its manufacturing facilities, innovative solutions, expert consultation, and intelligent services spanning various technologies and applications.

The DURAG Group's journey, marked by scientific exploration, technological ingenuity, and unwavering commitment to customer success, continues to reshape industries while enhancing safety and efficiency in the global combustion landscape. With a comprehensive portfolio of products, services, and expertise, the group stands as a beacon of innovation in the pursuit of safer, more efficient industrial processes worldwide.



DURAG DATA SYSTEMS, a software and hardware products manufacturer, is a trailblazer in environmental and process data management. With a focus on exceeding regulatory requirements, the company pioneers solutions such as remote emission data monitoring, greenhouse gas emissions trading, and predictive emission monitoring systems (PEMS). In a world increasingly concerned with environmental impact, DURAG DATA SYSTEMS leads the charge in harnessing data for positive change.


Precision is paramount in the gas analysis field, and AP2E specializes in this domain through highly sensitive laser measurement techniques and enhanced sampling systems. With over 700 gas analysis solutions deployed globally, the company's technology finds applications in diverse sectors ranging from environmental metrology to process optimization. AP2E's innovation directly addresses the need for accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in gas analysis, ultimately shaping a more sustainable future.


Enter HEGWEIN, a distinguished player in the field of gas and oil ignition burners, along with specialized gas burners engineered for industrial contexts. Pioneering tailored solutions that seamlessly align with customers' process requisites, HEGWEIN is a beacon of innovation. The company's offerings span a spectrum of needs, encompassing everything from compact designs to solutions compatible with all explosion-proof zones. HEGWEIN's commitment to precision and efficiency is driving a revolution in industrial combustion, redefining the way businesses optimize their processes.


Standing as a beacon of excellence in aerosol measurement systems, GRIMM AEROSOL exemplifies quality and reliability. Renowned for its "made in Europe" optical measurement systems, the company has established a global footprint, providing solutions for environmental and workplace safety measurements. From nanometer-scale to micrometer-scale measurements, GRIMM AEROSOL's devices serve as vital tools for precise data collection even in the harshest conditions.


In the dynamic world of industrial combustion, SMITSVONK shines as a leader in high-energy ignition and control systems. The company's bespoke solutions cater to a wide spectrum of industrial requirements, particularly within the petrochemical and iron and steel sectors. Renowned for unparalleled reliability and performance, SMITSVONK systems guarantee ignition under the most challenging conditions, solidifying the company's reputation as a dependable partner in industrial advancement.

JES Elektrotechnik GmbH

With the brand "JES," JES Elektrotechnik GmbH takes the helm as a strategic partner within the DURAG GROUP, focusing on the tunnel sensor sector. This specialized Austrian entity is your trusted companion for comprehensive environmental sensor solutions tailored for traffic applications. Offering an array of environmental sensors meticulously designed for tunnel environments, JES Elektrotechnik GmbH ensures that safety and efficiency remain paramount in transportation infrastructures. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges tunnels pose, the company delivers solutions that make roads safer for all.


At AX COLEMAN, we are proud to be the distributor of DURAG Group for DURAG's impressive product range. As a leading distributor, AX COLEMAN has earned a stellar reputation for providing top-notch DURAG solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers in various sectors. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, we have become the go-to choice for businesses and organizations seeking reliable solutions.



We offer comprehensive solutions from DURAG for monitoring processes, emissions and ambient air as well as for raw gas treatment. These solutions include, burner systems, dust monitoring, flame monitoring, furnaces cracking and monitoring system, gas analysis, ignition systems, mercury analysis, nanoparticle measurement systems, and tunnel and traffic monitoring.


The area of combustion technology includes products for ignition and combustion and for the control and monitoring of combustion plants, burner systems and flare systems of all kinds.


Our tunnel sensors form the core of a modern approach to tunnel safety that ensures road safety in tunnels all over the world.