BARTEC serves as a global partner and a prominent authority in safety within hazardous areas. Their range of explosion protection products and solutions aims to safeguard individuals, the environment, and investments on a daily basis. The success story of BARTEC is built upon over 45 years of unwavering reliability in explosion protection. In the current era of digital transformation, BARTEC is actively introducing new possibilities for customers within the Ex zone while prioritizing safety. This is achieved through innovative, globally certified products, an extensive product portfolio, proven standalone solutions, a widespread service and sales network, tailored developments, and large-scale customized solutions.


BARTEC's solutions facilitate the execution of processes in hazardous areas with a focus on safety, efficiency, and simplified compliance requirements. BARTEC collaborates with clients at every stage of their journey, leveraging a deep understanding of their industry and explosion protection needs. Expert teams utilize decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of industry processes to devise customized solutions for various technical challenges.


Mobile working in hazardous areas is a central focus of BARTEC's comprehensive solutions. They develop high-quality, intrinsically safe mobile devices and offer advice on specific application areas. BARTEC, in collaboration with partners, provides suitable software solutions, opening up new possibilities for on-site processes and ensuring seamless communication in hazardous areas.

BARTEC's wireless connectivity solutions include Wi-Fi access points for hazardous zones, antennas, and gateways, enabling safe communication in potentially explosive atmospheres. Their flagship products, Wireless X and EXgate, reduce the size, weight, and installation times of access points in hazardous areas.


In the context of smart factories and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), BARTEC's explosion-proof access points and sensors play a crucial role. These components contribute to capabilities such as predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics and support, tracking solutions, automatic fulfillment, and compliance monitoring in IIoT solutions.


BARTEC's trace heating solutions secure supply lines, transportation methods, and production processes across various industries. Electric trace heating is positioned as an efficient solution, and BARTEC's expert teams work to find suitable solutions for diverse thermal engineering requirements.

The company provides a comprehensive range of analysis and measuring technology solutions, including online analyzers, sample preparation systems, analyzer houses, and on-truck systems. BARTEC collaborates closely with customers to develop new solutions and set standards in analyzer technology, configuring devices according to specific process requirements to ensure quality assurance, process optimization, and compliance with standards.


Specialized lighting and electrical infrastructure solutions from BARTEC address lighting needs in hazardous areas. The company offers a complete range of solutions, supporting clients in the safe and efficient design, conception, installation, and service of Ex-zone lighting requirements globally.

BARTEC designs and produces customer-specific solutions for industrial energy distribution in hazardous areas. From planning to maintenance, their expert teams provide flexible solutions to meet diverse needs in this field.


Automation and machine control in hazardous areas represent a significant engineering focus for BARTEC. With one of the widest product ranges on the market, they cover switching, controlling, connecting, visualizing, and monitoring processes in safety-critical systems. BARTEC accompanies customers through every stage of the process, from initial consulting and planning to after-sales service.