Kyland Technology is an innovative company that that specializes in industrial Internet technology and industry. It is committed to research on industrial Internet platform technology and software defined industrial control process, and applies industrial Internet technology to innovate solutions for various industries, which are applied in three major fields: industry, city and energy.


Kyland Technology's main technologies and products include chips (communication, security and bus), IPv6 broadband real-time fieldbus technology, industrial servers, edge servers, industrial Internet operating systems, precision clock technology, industrial communication network products and other products.


The Industrial Division of Kyland Technology is committed to the research and application of networked industrial control solutions, and fulfills the mission of establishing a new generation of Internet-based industrial control systems. Its main research directions are industrial Ethernet communication technologies, IP-based industrial Fieldbus technology, network-based field controller technologies, cloudbased

industrial controlling server technologies and network-based precise time/clock technologies, as well as control message communication security technologies.


Industrial Internet platform products o_ered by Kyland Technology have been widely used in national key projects and global projects in various industries, such as smart grid, nuclear power, wind power, solar energy, petrochemical, rail transit, urban pipe corridors, mining, metallurgy, water, intelligent transportation and shipbuilding.


Kyland products have been successfully applied to significant projects and have obtained many international certifications such as KEMA, CE/FCC, UL508, Class I Div 2 and DNV.