Our nanoparticle measurement systems include nanoparticle counters and nanoparticle spectrometers for use in a wide range of applications. In addition, our product portfolio in the area of nanoparticle measurement also includes aerosol generators and a range of aerosol neutralizers.


We offer various types of nanoparticle counters, including condensation particle counters (CPCs) designed for laboratory use, measuring automotive emissions (PMP-CPC), and optimized for 24/7 operation in remote locations (with 19" rack mounting). All our CPCs have a condensate removal pump and anti-spill saturator design, which allows for single particle counting of up to 150,000 p/cm3 with high detection efficiency and a fast response time. Our unique saturator shutter also allows for easy transportation without having to remove or dry the saturator. Additionally, we have a high-precision and sensitive Faraday cup electrometer (FCE) available for measuring high particle concentrations or as a reference device for calibration purposes. The FCE has a fast response time and a noise reduction design through rinsing air flow.

GRIMM 5410

GRIMM 5412

GRIMM 5416

GRIMM 5417

GRIMM 5420

GRIMM 5421


We offers scanning mobility particle sizers with condensation particle counters (SMPS+C) and with Faraday cup electrometers (SMPS+E) as detectors. In addition, the GRIMM PSMPS is a mobility particle size spectrometer that combines a Grimm SMPS+C system with the Airmodus Particle Size Magnifier (PSM). All nanoparticle sizer systems feature the “Vienna-type” DMA design1, which is known for its highest size resolution and lowest particle diffusion losses. Thanks to the flexible design of the DMAs with three electrodes of different lengths (S-M-L), a wide range of experimental requirements can be met.



DURAG Group products and solutions under its group such as:

  • SMITSVONK (Netherlands-based) for high-energy ignition systems, pilot burners, and ignition burners
  • Hegwein GmbH (Stuttgart-based) for (gas and oil ignition burners and gas burners
  • AP2E (France-based) for ProCeas® lasercem analyzers for gas traces in hydrocarbons via infrared spectrometry online gas analysis, with no need for sample conditioning/heating
  • Grimm Aerosol Technik for detection and analysis of aerosol particles in various fields such as environmental monitoring, occupational safety and research.
  • Mercury Analysers for measuring principle that allows separate determination of elemental and oxidized mercury
  • Dust Monitors and Analysers for measure dust concentrations in dry and wet gases continuously

Approvals And Certifications

  • TÜV certificate (Germany requirement for continuous emission monitoring systems)
  • Compliant to US EPA, QAL 1 Certification, EN 14181, EN 15267, EN 16911-2
  • FM approval (ANSI safety standards)
  • Explosion Proof Certification (IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, TIIS)
  • CE Marking (conforms with the applicable EU directive)

The DURAG GROUP is a leading provider of intelligent solutions for combustion technology, emissions and ambient air monitoring, multi-gas analysis, tunnel sensors, and environmental and process data management, with more than 70 years of experience.

The company has around 500 specialists who offer modern technology, certified instruments, and reliable services for the individual requirements of customers worldwide.

It provides a comprehensive product portfolio for industrial combustion and flame control technology, visualization and online analysis of thermal processes, gas analysis, as well as the measurement and analysis of emissions and ambient air monitoring.