We can offer different types of burner systems with various performance specifications and thermal heat release control ranges to match specific industrial requirements. Our systems can be designed with external igniters, ionization flame monitors, burner control, or safety controllers for extreme ambient conditions. We also provide compact designs with integrated electronics.

These gas or oil burners can be equipped with high voltage or high energy igniters, as well as ionization or optical flame monitors. We offer explosion-protected versions of all burners.

They can be used for heating plant components, process furnaces, hot air generators, and other similar processes. These burner systems are highly flexible and can be designed to suit various industrial applications, including heat generation.


These durable oil burners utilize compressed air or oil pressure to atomize fuel, creating a swirl or vortex. The mixing device at the burner head is designed to ensure stable operation with a wide range of output control, up to 1:5.

This mixing device can be adjusted to optimize performance with different fuel properties, flame shapes, and combustion chamber conditions.

                                   OIL BURNER


These gas burners operate using swirl or vortex technology. The burner head has a unique mixing device for gas and air that allows for a broad range of output control, up to a 1:10 ratio, ensuring dependable operation.

The mixing device can be customized and improved to suit different gas compositions, flame shapes, and combustion chamber requirements.

                                                 GAS BURNER


DURAG Group products and solutions under its group such as:

  • SMITSVONK (Netherlands-based) for high-energy ignition systems, pilot burners, and ignition burners
  • Hegwein GmbH (Stuttgart-based) for (gas and oil ignition burners and gas burners
  • AP2E (France-based) for ProCeas® lasercem analyzers for gas traces in hydrocarbons via infrared spectrometry online gas analysis, with no need for sample conditioning/heating
  • Grimm Aerosol Technik for detection and analysis of aerosol particles in various fields such as environmental monitoring, occupational safety and research.
  • Mercury Analysers for measuring principle that allows separate determination of elemental and oxidized mercury
  • Dust Monitors and Analysers for measure dust concentrations in dry and wet gases continuously

Approvals And Certifications

  • TÜV certificate (Germany requirement for continuous emission monitoring systems)
  • Compliant to US EPA, QAL 1 Certification, EN 14181, EN 15267, EN 16911-2
  • FM approval (ANSI safety standards)
  • Explosion Proof Certification (IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, TIIS)
  • CE Marking (conforms with the applicable EU directive)

The DURAG GROUP is a leading provider of intelligent solutions for combustion technology, emissions and ambient air monitoring, multi-gas analysis, tunnel sensors, and environmental and process data management, with more than 70 years of experience.

The company has around 500 specialists who offer modern technology, certified instruments, and reliable services for the individual requirements of customers worldwide.

It provides a comprehensive product portfolio for industrial combustion and flame control technology, visualization and online analysis of thermal processes, gas analysis, as well as the measurement and analysis of emissions and ambient air monitoring.