CTT EMAG is an innovative company located in Katowice, Poland. The core activities of Technology Transfer Center EMAG Sp. z o. o. encompass the development, production, implementation, and service of devices and systems for process automation and safety including:


  • Passive Seismic Tomography
  • Active Seismic Tomography
  • Areas Where Passive Seismic Tomography Can Be Useful
  • Seismogram, SPI-70 Seismometer, Low Frequency Geophones
  • Spectroanalysis And Digital Filtration Of Selected Seismic Records


CTT EMAG products offering can efficiently and accurately determine the concentration of various minerals and make informed decisions regarding these raw elements so as to meet the required quality standards.


These analyzers and solutions will enable mining operations to optimize their processes, ensure quality control, improve safety, and reduce costs.


These technical solutions find application in various mineral extraction processes, enrichment, and quality assessment of mineral raw materials, with a specialization in producing and implementing safety systems in mining plants, particularly focusing on mining geophysics systems.


With a wealth of experience and comprehensive competences, the organization continually explores new solutions and markets. Its latest ventures extend into diverse sectors, including waste segregation processes, showcasing a commitment to evolving alongside technological landscapes.