NEK Kabel’s Sealine Category communication cables, ranging from Category 5e to future-proof Category 8, are engineered with SHF1, SHF2, and MUD-resistant NEK606 materials, offering exceptional fire-retardant properties. Designed for marine and offshore environments, they endure harsh conditions like saline atmospheres, UV radiation, extreme temperatures, hydrocarbons, oils, and drilling fluids, meeting IEC 60092-359 standards for offshore and shipboard cables. Flame-retardant, they resist fire spread, emit minimal smoke, and release no toxic gases during a fire.
NEK Sealine Arctic CAT series are manufactured and tailored for extreme cold climates, excels in cold resistance and fire protection. Improved cold impact, cold bending, and cold elongation properties make them safer for workers and easier to terminate in extreme temperatures.
Compliant with EMC and EMI standards, these cables excel in environments with electromagnetic noise, supporting applications like Vessel Management Systems, Industrial Ethernet, IP services, ERP systems, monitoring, surveillance, and real-time data acquisition. The cables address the growing demand for accelerated internet and data transfer speeds, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards such as 802.3af, 802.3at, and 802.3bt.
To ensure reliability, NEK Sealine Category cables come with various armorings, providing protection against accidental damage, rodents, ballistic impact, moisture, and laying operations. This versatile combination offers a durable solution for diverse application scenarios, aiming to mitigate internal interference like crosstalk noise and protect against external interference such as electrostatic and electromagnetic interference. The primary objective is to meet the increasing bandwidth needs of applications in dense environments while ensuring robust performance and safeguarding against potential interferences.