In any high-risk environment, life-and-death is often defined by how quickly we can react to a possible emergency. To minimize potential harm to people and property, reliable communications are critical to these often remote worksites.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the signalisation and navigation equipment, we worked with our clients to understand each of their requirements including engineering, project management, testing and commissioning, training and detailed documentation.

The customised solution is meant to increase efficiency, improve reaction time, minimise injury, and save lives in harsh and remote environments. Our solution also meets various classification societies as LR, GL, BV, DNV, RINA, ABS, RMRS and CRS. These classification societies have granted type approvals for most of our popular equipment in our line of products.

Signalling EquipmentNavigation EquipmentAutomation EquipmentLevel Detecting and Measurement Equipment
Light ColumnsNavigation and Signal Lights ControllerAlarm and Control UnitsMagnetic Level Switches
Ex-SemaphoresNavigation and Signal Lights PanelsFire DetectionLevel Measurement
Flashing LightsLight DimmersEmergency Engine TelegraphHigh Level and Overfill Alarm System
Ex-Proof Flashing LightsSignal Controller Water Ingress Detection System
Signaling UnitsBridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)Ultrasonic Liquid Level Detectors
Programmable Electronic SirensCalling System
General Purpose Electronic SirensTalk-back System
BellsPublic Address System
Air Sirens

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