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NEK Kabel’s Sealine RF LLF 1/2″ MUD Low Loss Feeder Cable 50-ohm SHF2 DNV, 1092481 is engineered with SHF2 properties offering exceptional fire-retardant properties. Designed for marine and offshore environments, this cable is applicable for harsh conditions like saline atmospheres, UV radiation, extreme temperatures, hydrocarbons resistance, oil resistance 903, and drilling fluids, meeting IEC 60092-359 standards for offshore, shipboard cables and mining operations. Additionally, this cable is fire-retardant IEC60332, effectively curbing the spread of fire, emitting minimal smoke, and producing no toxic gases in the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak. The NEK 606 mud resistance outer sheathing material is resistant to drilling fluids at drilling platforms.

NEK Sealine RF (Radio Frequency) cables are designed to the type of system and signals these cables carry. These radio frequency cables are essential for conducting radio frequency signals, especially in applications generating multi-megahertz range frequencies. They serve purposes ranging from radio antennas, radars systems, base stations, broadcasting, satellite communication, distributed antenna systems (DAS) military and defense communication systems, industrial wireless applications, GPS devices to mobile phone antennas, enabling the transmission of RF signals in areas where reception is typically challenging.

NEK Kabel’s Sealine cables are certifed by various classifications bodies such as Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL), Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS), and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), etc, and its diverse cable solutions serve major EPC operators, shipyards, owners, automation firms and top oil companies worldwide (such as Staoil, Aker, Kongsberg, Prosafe, Shell, Sonangol, Saudi Aramco, Exxon Mobil, Qatar Petroleum, Total Energies, Chevron, BP, ADNOC, Marathon Petroleum, Dana Gas, Kuwait Petroleum, Novatek, Woodside, BHP, Gazprom, Valero Energy, PetroChina, Cosco, Equinor, Petrobras, etc), worldwide across 5 continents.