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In June 2011, the Norwegian parliament approved the development plans for Ekofisk South and Eldfisk II, and it marked the 40-year anniversary of the start of Norway’s oil adventure, which all began with production at Ekofisk, the country’s second-largest petroleum discovery to date.

The Greater Ekofisk Area has generated NOK 1,804 billion in value from oil, gas and processing services since its first started in 1971.

ConocoPhillips, together with its partners TOTAL, ENI, Statoil and Petoro, has invested a further NOK 70 billion to extend the life of the field for several more decades. This field includes three large development projects; namely Ekofisk 2/4 L, Ekofisk 2/4 Z and the Eldfisl II Project.

After Singapore shipyard S.M.O.E secured the Ekofisk 2/4 L contract from ConocoPhillips, it contacted AX Coleman Singapore for a turnkey solution for the cabling infrastructure system.

Ekofisk 2/4 L is the largest accommodation and field centre platform in the North Sea. The platform contains a number of field centre functions and systems, which enables it to be the regional telecommunications hub, as well as the hub for coordination of all air and sea traffics in the area. There are office facilities, cafeteria, recreational areas and even healthcare facilities. The helideck has two helicopter hangars with a capability of fifty daily air movements. This is the most important helicopter landing area in the Greater Ekofisk Area.

ConocoPhillips has specifically wanted a high-speed cabling infrastructure system for the infotainment system, VOIP telephony system, IP CCTV surveillance systems, and high-speed data and network access into the living quarter cabins, conference area and meeting rooms. AX Coleman worked tirelessly with Sembcorp Marine Offshore Platform Pte Ltd (S.M.O.P) and ConocoPhillips to build this state of the art cabling offshore floating infrastructure.

All in all, we have supplied close to 200 kilometres of Maritime CAT7A cables and 30 kilometres of environmentally-friendly and low-smoke halogen-free optical fibre cables. In addition, AX Coleman has supplied another 8000 Cat7A GG45 connectors and completed the termination and testing and commissioning with 100 percent pass rate, before it set sail back to Norway.

From the initial design to the last connector terminated and tested successfully, it was an excellent three years of working together with S.M.O.P, Singapore, Semco Maritime Denmark Singapore and Siemens Norway.

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