Industrial Cabling Solutions

Industrial Cabling Solutions

The world is becoming increasingly connected. The infrastructural networks accelerate relationship building and business growth, impacting our daily lives and influencing our long term goals.

Therefore, it is vital that your cabling needs are well-supported. We work closely with our clients to select the right choice of materials by considering parameters, such as fire performance, mechanical stress, extreme environmental conditions, size constraints, non-corrosive pressure resistance, resistance to torsion and vibration, cold impact and cold elongation tests, and any other flexibility demands, to help our customers increase energy efficiencies and ensure reliable communications.

Our history of successful cable development is a result of our deep understanding of international standards and specifications from various classification societies (such as Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS), China Classification Society (CCS), Lloyd's Register (LR), Korean Register of Shipping (KR), Bureau Veritas (BV), Indian Register of Shipping (IR Class), ClassNK, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and DNV-GL), which is why we are the preferred cable supplier to a wide range of companies across a broad spectrum of industries.


Elastomeric cable designs for cranes and material handling equipment

  • meant for equipment operating at higher voltages
  • Mechanical strength and safety have led to the use of high-grade mechanically resistant rubber, selected to provide maximum safety during both normal operation and in the case of cable failure.


  • High voltage (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) cables
  • Power cables of medium voltages, ranging from 6/10kV to 18/30kV
  • Power cables of low voltages - 1kV


  • Cables and wires designed for ship and platform operations (excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, which is required for working in difficult conditions)
  • New generation of unleaded cables (environmentally friendly)


  • Fire retardant cables with halogen-free outer sheaths (do not spread out flames and do not emit harmful gases during fire)
  • Fire resistance cables with halogen-free outer sheaths (ensure trouble-free operation for a certain period of time during fire conditions dedicated for safety circuits – e.g. emergency power supply


Cables and wires of low (EPR), medium and high (XLPE) voltages

  • meant for coastal and inland wind farms


Welding cables and wires retain high flexibility and durability

  • resistant to gases and liquids; flame retardant
  • used in indoors and outdoors; in dry and humid conditions


Telecommunication cable designed for both traditional and modern broadband transmission systems for industries such as mining, shipbuilding and onshore and offshore environments

  • local area network cables from CAT5e up to CAT7A
  • fibre optic cables of various types (ADSS, reinforced cables, cables with anti-rodent protection and micro-cables, all-dielectric armour) up to 432 fibres
  • RG coaxial cables (MIL specs)
  • BUS cable
  • radio frequency cable with frequencies from a few KHz to 50 GHz.


Be it multicore cables, composite cables, hybrid cables, advanced cables for ROV, umbilical, subsea, pipeline control, petrochemical, crane and lifting plants, creating custom engineered cable solutions in accordance to customer specifications, for existing designs or new cable specifications.


Medium and low voltage cables, telecommunication cables, signaling and control cables

  • provide operational security and allow for higher speed limits


  • Cables and wires in a polyurethane sheath (PTU)
    • extremely high abrasion resistance
  • Cables and wires in reflective coatings
    • high mechanical parameters
    • unique solution of reflective coating, significantly increasing the work safety in mining pits


Signaling cables 0,6/1kV, signaling and control cables 300/500V and control cables

  • meant for connection for control devices in machines, production and assembly lines


Umbilical and subsea cable, including ROV cables, seismic cables, optical power and signal cables, airgun umbilicals, diving umbilicals and diving cables, umbilicals for submarine and navy diving systems.

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