Environmental Monitoring & Measurement Solutions

With the increasing worldwide production for thermoplastics, environmental monitoring has never been more important.

Many countries and governments are taking more attention to reduce pollution and deliver emissions reductions, driving towards clean energy technologies.

From conceptual estimating, and initial budgeting, we work with our customers to understand the technical requirements for areas such as combustion technology, environmental monitoring technology, and emission measurement technology and data management.

Our objective is to ensure our customers’ needs for innovative, cost effective solutions and protect the people, the environment and property.

Where guaranteed reliability and high quality products are requested, we supply and provide products and solutions such as flare monitoring equipment, dust monitoring equipments, mercury analyzers, gas analyzers, pressure transmitters and level transmitters.

These equipment are compliant to the requirements of European and International standards such as SIL3 certification, ATEX, DNV-GL, IECEx and TUV NORD and any other major certifications bodies related to chemical process industries and process analytics.


Suitable in the applications of:

  • Renewables Energies
  •  Biotechnology
  • Power Plants, Petrochemical and Oil Refineries
  • Marine, Oil and Gas environments
  • Installations in extreme environments, such as mining and waste incinerations


  • Monitoring of industrial processes, such as cement, steel, glass and ceramics
  • Agriculture and food industry plant and machinery
  • Visibility monitors

Ignition & Combustion

Flare ignition systems, Gas burners, Gas fired igniters, Mobile ignition systems, etc

Monitoring & Control

Video/Thermography, Valve inspection systems, Safety shut-off valve, Flame monitors, etc

Measuring & Monitoring

Dust measurement, Volume flow measurement, Visibility measurement devices, etc

Acquisition & Evaluation

Data Acquisition and Handling Systems (DAHS), Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS), and Complete compliance monitoring and reporting

Classification & Counting

Emission measurement, Air quality measurement, Nanoparticle measurement, etc

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