D-LX 110/710


Easy, versatile and flexible compact flame monitor with integrated UV, VIS or IR flame sensor for monitoring gas, oil and coal flames. Particularly for applications with single burner view.



  • Large temperature range: Deployable without change, certified and without the need for accessories for insulation, heating or cooling
  • Two-channel control unit module for highest safety simultaneously with high availability
  • Ideal support of Functional Safety within safety chains up to SIL 3
  • Two flame ON/OFF contacts for the flame signal (normally open and normally closed)
  • D-LX 110 and D-LX 710: Variants for direct view or for combination with fibre optic systems, also in hazardous areas
  • Easy replacement of consumable parts
  • Local display: Operational status and settings visible at a single glance, for complete temperature range and all variants
  • D-LX 710 for application with flexible fibre optic system D-LL 703 / rigid fibre optic system D-LL 704
  • Easy access to the available settings reduces the time required for commissioning 
  • Choice of the available detectors allows the monitoring of flames of all fuels within the same device family
  • The same device technology can be used for plants in the most varied regions and on the basis of a wide range of systems of standards
  • If the requirements for the plant change (Ex zones, need for fibre optic systems) exchange within the device family is usually possible
  • The ability to adjust the settings outside the factory allows prompt exchange with smaller local stocks of replacement devices are low


Spectral sensitivityUV, VIS, IR
Operating modeIntermittent operation and continuous operation
Functional SafetySelf-monitoring and fail-safe, supports safety chains up to SIL 3
Switching thresholdFlame intensity
Local displayLEDs – always visible at a single glance for all versions
Flame failure detection time (FFDT)0.5 … 5 s (in steps of 0.5 s)
Flame ON/OFF contacts1x NO contact, 1x NC contact
Ready for operation contact1x NO contact
Switching capacity of relay contactsMax. 24 VDC, 250 VAC
Analogue output0/4 … 20 mA (selectable), load max. 750 Ohm
Opening angle6° (D-LX 110)
6° horizontal, 12° vertical (variant UL)
Electrical data24 VDC, 7 W, PELV
Ambient conditions-40 … +75 °C
-40 … +70 °C (variant UL)
Degree of protectionIP66/IP68, NEMA 4X
IP65, NEMA 4X (/MP7)
IP66, NEMA 4X (Ex variants)
ConnectionsD-LX 110:
Sight tube G 1¼″ or NPT 1¼″, F
Purge air G ½″ or NPT ½″, F
DimensionsHousing M5: 100 x 100 x 260 mm
Housing M4: Ø 120 mm, length approx. 310 mm
WeightHousing (without cable):
M5: approx. 1.3 kg
M4: approx. 3.0 kg


DURAG Group products and solutions under its group such as:

  • SMITSVONK (Netherlands-based) for high-energy ignition systems, pilot burners, and ignition burners
  • Hegwein GmbH (Stuttgart-based) for (gas and oil ignition burners and gas burners
  • AP2E (France-based) for ProCeas® lasercem analyzers for gas traces in hydrocarbons via infrared spectrometry online gas analysis, with no need for sample conditioning/heating
  • Grimm Aerosol Technik for detection and analysis of aerosol particles in various fields such as environmental monitoring, occupational safety and research.
  • Mercury Analysers for measuring principle that allows separate determination of elemental and oxidized mercury
  • Dust Monitors and Analysers for measure dust concentrations in dry and wet gases continuously

Approvals And Certifications

  • TÜV certificate (Germany requirement for continuous emission monitoring systems)
  • Compliant to US EPA, QAL 1 Certification, EN 14181, EN 15267, EN 16911-2
  • FM approval (ANSI safety standards)
  • Explosion Proof Certification (IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, TIIS)
  • CE Marking (conforms with the applicable EU directive)

The DURAG GROUP is a leading provider of intelligent solutions for combustion technology, emissions and ambient air monitoring, multi-gas analysis, tunnel sensors, and environmental and process data management, with more than 70 years of experience.

The company has around 500 specialists who offer modern technology, certified instruments, and reliable services for the individual requirements of customers worldwide.

It provides a comprehensive product portfolio for industrial combustion and flame control technology, visualization and online analysis of thermal processes, gas analysis, as well as the measurement and analysis of emissions and ambient air monitoring.


D-LX 110/710